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South Texas Securities Co. established in the year 1969, is a member of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). We represent local and international investors who are victims of fraud by the Securities Brokerage houses or individuals in the financial industry.

Cyber Crime Rising

The data on the increase in cybercrime is alarming. Our purpose is to recover and recuperate losses of our clients from such cyber crimes. We have helped our customers in recovering a substantial amount of money running into millions of dollars from such fraudulent broker-dealers and financial advisors both globally and locally. We have come across victims of securities fraud, not so suitable investment or trading strategies, misrepresentation or hiding of facts and false promises of higher returns on investment by financial advisors or brokerage firms. As the online fraudsters keep finding newer ways of cheating innocent investors, we are here to help the victims overcome this financial and more importantly mental trauma. We can help you in investigating and assessing your losses in trading or investment was actual losses or were a result of any illegal or unjust practices in the brokerage or securities industry. As technology grows most of our investment and trading transactions are online on a click of a button with the help of the Internet. As more and more people move towards online transactions, there is an increased case of online fraud. Cybercrime, as it is popularly called, is on the rise and the online fraudsters are picking on the innocent investors while they stay safe in the havens of unregulated locations.


Our Experience

In our vast experience, we have seen cases on suitability, churning, unauthorized trading, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and neglectful misrepresentation. It takes a specialist like us to decode the securities fraud. In the past, we have encountered cases where financial advisors recommending high-risk products to innocent victims so that they earn high commissions from such investments and never disclose the actual risks to the investors. These could not only lead to a quick erosion of wealth but also may take some of the retirement plans for a toss leading to greater mental stress.

Ignorant Victims

Many people who were victims of such fraud do not realize that they are actual victims of unlawful acts of certain brokers or advisors. Even if some among them do realize that they are a victim, they do not know what to do next or do not know whom to approach or just take the responsibility on them and try to move on. We are here to tell such people that you are not alone and we are there to help you recuperate from such losses. The brokerage firms and advisors need to be kept accountable and reminded to play within the premises of the law. If you have had a loss in your investment and suspect any foul play then please reach out to us and we will be happy to investigate and verify if this stands a case to be taken up against the brokers or advisors. Trust in us and you will be in safe hands and you shall be well represented before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) or any other dispute redressal forums in the United States or across the world.


About Our Representation

Our mantra at work is Study, Perform and Conquer. We give equal priority to our cases and do not differentiate them on any basis. Our approach to each case is subjective and individual attention paid to each and every client.

We do a comprehensive study of the case to understand the issues, perform our duty to collect evidence and facts, weigh in all available legal recourse for the best possible plan of action and represent our client in any legal forums across the world to conquer the victory.

We have detailed all the ways we can assist our clients in their fraud recovery needs in this site’s Practice Area section. We have represented our clients across the United States and international jurisdictions.

Though we specialize in investment-related litigations, we also have a strong reputation in defending cases such as complex commercial litigation and arbitration. Irrespective of the nature of the dispute our mantra of study, perform and conquer remains the same.

About-Us-South-Texas-Securities-Co-Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Our fee structure is very flexible intended to provide efficient case management alternatives for our customers. We offer various fee models that include but not restricted to contingency, hourly, and hybrid fee models.

We are primarily located in Texas, USA. But we have a global presence and have represented investors across the world. We encourage you to call us wherever you may be located in this world and allow us to showcase our class and quality to help you resolve your legal problems. You may have just done the right thing in leaving your legal issues to us.

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